About the cheesemongers…

Adam Engle

Adam Engle hails from scenic Frostburg, Maryland, where he grew up & later attended Frostburg State and studied Music and Philosophy. He eventually made his way to B-more where he has spent the last six years. After 4ish years at the Whole Foods in Harbor East (where he spent much of that time  behind the cheese counter) he came to a crossroads. Either do something completely different or sell cheese in a way that was less production based and one that involved significantly less plastic wrap. In December 2010 he began his current stay as the cheese buyer at The Wine Source. When he is not working at The Wine Source, he  is learning how to cook French food, playing “crazy freak-out music” with his friends & working in his garden. If it were possible for a person to have a cheese as a soul mate, Adam’s would certainly be Neal’s Yard Berkswell. One day he hopes to apprentice at Jasper Hill in Vermont. Adam likes to have cheese parties.

 “We were put on this earth to fart around don’t let any one tell you otherwise” -Vonnegut

Caitlin “Cloth-Bound” O’Connor

Born & raised in Baltimore, Caitlin is a proud resident of Charm City. She attended college in Collegeville, PA, where she studied Philosophy, Art History & Japanese. She got her start in the cheese world when she sought a part-time job at The Wine Source while attending culinary school. She has since become a full-time cheesemonger, and has been at The Wine Source for almost 3 years. On her off time, she is usually baking, going for a run or dealing with her household of cats. If she could only eat one cheese for the rest of her life, she would probably pick Beemster XO. One day she hopes to show Anthony Bourdain around her hometown in a special Baltimore edition of The Layover.  One of her greatest pleasures in life is enjoying a good vintage bottle of port with some nice Neal’s Yard Stilton.

“My veins run blue (just like my cheese).” – Caitlin

Amelia “Bloomy Rind” Phillips

Born and raised in Midcoast Maine, Amelia began cheesemongering while working at a small gourmet foods shop in her hometown. She moved to Baltimore to study Sociology, French & Art at Goucher College, and graduated in 2010. She is a self-professed Francophile, and spent some time in Brittany after college (which may explain why she is also a part-time crepe maker). She desperately missed the smell of a cheese case, and so joined our Wine Source Cheese team last year. If she were stuck on a desert island with one cheese, she would choose Ossau-Iraty.  Her lifelong goal is to go on tour with her band in Japan. One day she hopes to WOOF on a sheep farm, preferably in France but she’s not too picky. If you want to win her heart, just give her a nice crusty baguette and a jar of hot pepper jelly to eat with her cheese.

“What happens to the hole when the cheese is gone?” -Bertolt Brecht


5 thoughts on “About the cheesemongers…”

  1. You three are doing an excellent freaking job! Thank you!

  2. anonymous said:

    cheesemongers, I love you!

  3. amy lanbg said:

    caitlin & adam – the company i was telling you about is boccalone. check them out online…i’d love to be able to buy their salami from you! salume is stephen pocock, from b’more…boccalone is run by chris cosentino. stephen also cures his own bacon – it’s called damn fine bacon. check them both out on the web! – amy, charmcitycook

  4. Amy ant Tom Smith said:

    We come into Wine Source at least once a week, and never leave without some cheese. If there’s anyone who loves cheese as much as we do, it’s Caitlin and Amelia. They are always so friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable, no matter what we are looking for. They keep us coming back to Wine Source again and again. If we ever leave Baltimore, Caitlin and Amelia will most certainly have to come with us!

  5. happy 2015 mongers!
    I see you posted on the inter web using some of the Gourmino Swiss cheeses- Gourmino Gruyere and L’Etivaz – Thank you! and I can help support your distributor in any way please let me know.


    ~ Joe Salonia


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