What bettter way to celebrate American cheeses than to pair them with American charcuterie?! Here’s some matches made in heaven for you to try.


Flagship Reserve & Tamworth Prosciutto

Flagship Reserve is a cloth-bound cheddar cheese from Beecher’s Handmade Cheese in Seattle. This cheese is made only on the days when the milk composition is perfect for such a cheesTamworth + Flagshipe. Nutty with just the right amount of acidity and a long finish, Flagship Reserve pairs perfectly with La Quercia’s Tamworth Prosciutto. This domestic Prosciutto is made in Iowa from pigs that are at least 75% Tamworth breed. Like the Flagship Reserve, the Tamworth is nutty with a touch of sweetness. Both the cheese and the meat are flavorful but not overbearing, and the buttery texture of the Tamworth pairs well with the dense, crunchy texture of the cheese. Be careful though- this pairing can become quite addictive!

Hummingbird & Clementine’s Bresaola

Bresaola + HummingbirdFor this pairing we’re staying local! Doe Run Dairy’s Hummingbird is a great cow & sheep’s milk cheese made in the style of an Italian Robiola. When I taste one of these small wheels, the first thing that comes to mind is “fresh”. The flavor of the milks really come through, with a touch of sweetness and a nice grassy finish. I really enjoy pairing it with our Bresaola made by Clementine- a restaurant that has become a Baltimore institution. This air-dried whole-muscle cut of beef is herbaceous! The rosemary/thyme flavors of the Bresaola match the grassy notes of the Hummingbird perfectly.

Blue Hills Bleu & Dodge City Salame

Dodge City + Blue Hills BleuBlue Hills Bleu is a sheep’s milk blue cheese from Wisconsin. The sweetness of the sheep’s milk and the tang of the blue mold make for a well-balanced cheese. When eaten with Smoking Goose’s Dodge City, it makes for an interesting and incredibly complex pairing. I have already gushed about Smoking Goose before;  the salty, peppery & zippy qualities in the salami sing wonderfully with sweet tang of the Blue Hills Bleu. This is definitely a pairing that will keep you coming back for more!