Milk & cookies. Eggs & bacon. Peanut butter & jelly. Certain food pairings will never go out of style. And in Baltimore in the summertime, you can definitely add fresh tomatoes & mozzarella to the list of classic food combos. There is nothing better on a muggy summer day than whipping up a salad with locally grown tomatoes, some good quality mozz and fresh basil. And since it is indeed tomato season here, we decided what better Cheese of the Month for August than our in-house made mozzarella?

Unfortunately for many, the word “mozzarella” conjures up images of rubbery, tasteless spheres that come pre-packaged at the grocery. But trying really good mozzarella can be an eye-opening experience. Like trying good quality olive oil or biting into a real piece of Parmigiano Reggiano for the first time, trying freshly made mozzarella will make you rethink everything you previously thought about the food. Mozzarella should be soft and layered with a milky, salty tang- and the fresher the better! 


And just like our other cheeses at The Wine Source, we care a great deal about the quality of our mozzarella. That is why we make it in-house every week- to make sure our customers are getting the best possible mozz we can offer. And for the month of August we will be offering our mozzarella at the low, low price of $8 a pound! So now is the perfect time to come in and pick up some mozz to pair with your farmer’s market tomatoes!