A mere two months ago our Cheese of the Month was Hummingbird, a Robiola-style cheese made by the Farm at Doe Run. But that’s not stopping us from returning to this local farm for July. What can I say? We can’t help it. After the great success of Hummingbird in May followed by a very pleasant trip up to Doe Run in June, we just can’t stay away! After touring their facilities, watching the cheesemakers at work and meeting all of their happy animals grazing in the fields, it is easy to understand how the Farm at Doe Run makes such a variety of cheeses so well. St Malachi St. Malachi is a very different cheese from Hummingbird in flavor and texture, but made with the same care and quality. This raw cow’s milk cheese has elements of both a Gouda and a mountain-style cheese like Gruyere. Dense and crunchy with a pleasant nuttiness, St. Malachi has an addicting buttered toast flavor. This cheese is great for groups and sure to be a crowd-pleaser, with enough flavor to intrigue but not overwhelm. We will be offering this local gem at the astounding price of $20 a pound (usually $23). So be sure to stop in and try it- I’m sure you will love it!   Caitlin