The Wine Source cheese team recently had the pleasure of visiting the bucolic Farm at Doe Run, which produces a variety of delicious goat, cow and sheep’s milk cheeses. We took the two hour drive from Baltimore to Coatesville, Pennsylvania, and the first sight we caught of Doe Run was certainly idyllic- goats, sheep and cows grazing on pasture right in front of a beautiful barn that also houses their cheesemaking operation.


Doe Run Building

We met our lovely tour guide, Stacey, and after a quick look around, we were treated to a selection of Doe Run cheeses. Some were very familiar (such as Hummingbird, our recent Cheese of the Month), and we tried some prototypes new to the cheesemakers themselves. As we enjoyed the scenery and snacked on some delicious cheese, we chatted with the cheesemakers, Sam and Matt, about their upcoming cheese production (we look forward to getting their Appenzeller-inspired cheese into The Wine Source this summer).

Doe Run Spread

After our little breakfast, we made our way into the cheese making facilities, where we watched Sam and Matt in several different phases of makes for various cheeses. We observed the acidification of their Appenzeller-style cheese and the quick splash of rennet added in order to help the milk separate into curds and whey. We saw the curds for the Hummingbirds draining in their molds, and we looked on as Matt cut the curds for their washed-rind cheese Barn Owl. It was certainly awe-inspiring to watch the two cheese makers creating so many different styles in a given day.Doe Run Collage


After getting a tour of their magnificent cheese caves (made with stones quarried on the property!), where we were able to see various cheeses at different points of aging, we finished off by meeting the animals that make Doe Run cheese possible. The cows, sheep and goats grazed peacefully in the fields- on which they use no pesticides and so have a lovely variety of flora.  They were friendly, very relaxed, and of course totally adorable. There was even a old-lady goat, gracefully living out her days. Getting to meet these happy animals was a great way to end our trip! Happy animals make the best milk; and great milk combined with passionate, knowledgeable cheesemakers is a recipe for success. We currently have their Seven Sisters Reserve, Bathed in Storm King and St. Malachi, all yummy cheeses, so come in and try them and we’re sure you’ll take a piece home.Doe Run Animals