As modern American consumers, it can often be tough for us to wrap our heads around a product that is constantly changing. But in the world of artisanal and small production cheese we see our products change not only from year to year or batch to batch, but often from wheel to wheel. Many factors affect the outcome of any given cheese, with weather and the changing of seasons being a huge part of cheese production. As we have written about previously, the winter months are often a sad time for goat’s milk cheeses in particular.


From left to right: Piper’s Pyramid, Bonde D’Antan, Couronne du Touraine

But that means with the arrival of each spring we look forward to seeing some of our old cheese friends again after the long, cold winter months. So we are happy to report that goat cheese season is back and in full swing! Every week we receive new cases of beautiful cheeses in all shapes, sizes and colors. So whether you like your goat’s cheese soft and oozy, pyramid-shaped, coated in herbs or wrapped in leaves, we are sure to have a cheese here you will love!