Our cheese of the month for May is doubly exciting to us here at The Wine Source. First, Hummingbird is a locally made cheese, and we love supporting our local cheesemakers. And second- aside from the bonus of being local, it is also delicious! It even scored 1st place in the Farmstead Soft Cheese category at The American Cheese Society (which I suppose would actually make it triply exciting to us.)Hummingbird2

Hummingbird is a cow’s milk cheese produced by The Farm at Doe Run, located in Chester County, PA (I would highly recommend following them on Facebook if you enjoy frequent posts full of cute farm animals). Like an American version of a Robiola, these small oval-shaped cheeses start off light and chalky when young, turning into a decadent, oozy morsel after a bit of aging. Delicious at any stage, Hummingbird is full of fresh, grassy flavors. Perfect for a springtime picnic, be sure to pick up one of these tasty, locally made gems! We are offering each Hummingbird at a mere $8.50 (on sale from the usual $11!)