The surprising and complex weather we have been having in Baltimore this winter is reflected in the complexity of flavors found in our April cheese of the month, Fiore Sardo.

From the Italian island of Sardinia, this hard cheese is crafted from the milk of a single flock of local Sardinian breed sheep. With a recipe that originates all the way back to the bronze age, it is certain that these cheese makers are doing something right. After aging for a minimum of 8 months, this cheese has a yellowish straw color and becomes more golden closer to its waxy dark rind. On the nose, hints of buttered toast lure you into its toothsome texture as it slowly melts in your mouth providing your palate with a full experience. Flavors of sweet caramel and soft nuttiness are followed by a peppery bite. After a short tang, Fiore Sardo finishes with long umami flavors that make you crave the new subtleties revealed within each bite.


fiore sardo pic copy

Fiore Sardo is great for grating, cooking into savory dishes or enjoying on its own as the spectacular cheese it is. Not only is it versatile in ways of enjoyment, but it also pairs nicely with young reds and sweet whites! It is hard to go wrong with this cheese especially for its modest price of $13 on sale from its standard price of $18 a pound. Sit back, relax and let Fiore Sardo and a glass of Moscato enhance a sunshiny spring day filled with relaxation and taste-bud adventures.