In what may be the single best piece of news I have ever received, this recently published article from The Daily Mail predicts that the newest foodie trend for 2014 will be dishes that combine cheese and chocolate. As two of my most favorite foods in the world, the idea of having them together in one delicious dessert is music to my tastebuds. Of course, cheese has always been a classic dessert option, especially for the more European-minded among us. But according to the article, celebrated chefs  are starting to incorporate cheeses into their desserts in more modern and unusual ways. We’re not just talking classic cheesecake or cannolis here. Roquefort cinnamon doughnuts? Stilton truffles? Goat cheese and lemon ganache? Bring it on.


The article even includes recipes for the aforementioned cheesy treats. You can absolutely be sure that I will be trying those Stilton truffles out very soon!