Recently I have been absorbed by the wealth of videos about cheese on Youtube. With the cold weather I don’t feel quite so guilty losing whole hours of my day clicking through links from one video clip to the next. So much of what I love about being a cheesemonger is telling the story of our cheeses. I believe that when we understand the context around these lumps of spoiled milk, they actually taste better. Seeing the landscapes where the animals graze, understanding some of the slight differences in the production methods and affinage, seeing the people involved and hearing their perspectives- all this can contribute to a greater appreciation of the flavors when a cheese hits the palate.

So I thought I’d share a couple of my finds. If you come across awesome videos we should check out, leave a link in the comment section!

The Cellars at Jasper Hill

This is a short version of the inspiring story of The Cellars at Jasper Hill. We work with a quite a number of their cheeses, so look out for them in the case. (Running time 2:10)

Andy Hatch on Rush Creek Reserve

Hear the head cheesemaker from Uplands Cheese talk about one of the best cheeses made in America. This is now the third year of Rush Creek Reserve and we still have a couple wheels if you want to taste this before the long wait till next fall. (Running time 1:38)

L’Etivaz Swiss Cheese

You may have missed the brief appearance of L’Etivaz (LAY-TEE-VAH) in our cheese case. It was delicious. Meet one of the happy producers and see how it’s made. (Running time 2:32)

Le fromage de brebis

The title of this video translates from French: the sheep cheese. This is incredible footage from 1968 of a shepherd in the Pyrenees walking through the milk’s journey from the sheep’s udder to fresh tomme for the local affineur. (In accented French, running time 7:08)