Now that the holiday madness is over and the cold weather has settled in on Baltimore, it is time to hunker down, lay low and eat some cheese!

Reading Raclette is a raw cow’s milk cheese made in Reading, Vermont by Spring Brook Farm. Based off of the French word racler, which means “to scrape”, Raclette, a classic European cheese, is also the name of a dish beloved in Switzerland and France. The dish involves heating a large hunk of cheese in front of a fire or on a grill and then scraping the melted cheese off to eat with some combinations of potatoes, cornichons, cured meat and hearty bread. Although the exact origin of the dish is unknown, melting Raclette has long been a tradition among Alpine herdsmen- an excellent source of a much-needed warm meal in their bellies.


At Spring Brook Farm they have taken the making of this traditional cheese as seriously as the Europeans themselves, using the same style of copper pots as Alpine cheesemakers. Their dedication shows in their cheese- both cheeses they produce (Reading Raclette and Tarentaise) have won awards domestically and internationally. Before Spring Brook Farm made this cheese, there was really no American Raclette that could even compete with the Europeans.

Reading Raclette is dense and smooth with a fruity, very subtle funkiness. Not only is it excellent for melting, but it works well on a cheese plate or even just for a snack. So what better way to get through this chilly month than with a roaring fire and some delicious cheese? We will be offering Reading Raclette at the farcical price of $16 per pound (usually $19).  – Caitlin