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American Cheese Month has been great so far! We’ve tried a bunch of cheeses spanning the US- California-Oregon-Minnesota-Indiana-New Hampshire-etc. Wonderfully enough, some the favorites this month have been not only American-made, but also locally-made! And doesn’t it feel so good to eat something made close to home?

FIssure shmissure

fissure shmissure

Alpen Kase is an awesome cheese. It’s made by Goot Essa, a group of Plain Pennsylvania dairy farmers that use methods and recipes that have been passed down through their German-Swiss heritage for 200 years. They don’t mess around, using all natural ingredients and no added preservatives to create “Goot Essa,” which is Amish dialect for, “good food.”  Nutty, grassy and sweet, firm yet springy with a beautiful rustic natural rind… I think I might like this cheese too much! And it’s only $19/lb, which is an incredible price for such a well-crafted cheese.

Linden Dale Tomme

Oh my goodness! Linden Dale Tomme, you are delicious! How did you get so toasty? How do your flavors linger so long on the pallet? How can you smell like straw and be so nutty? Maybe it’s the new aging room at Linden Dale Farm, up in Ronks, PA. We visited the family farm last year (read about it here), met their happy goats and tasted their incredibly fresh and delicious goat milk. Their tomme has always been good, but our most recent wheels have seriously been exceptional. (We also carry their feta!)

Pipe Dreams Fromage

I’ll let these beauties mostly speak for themselves, as the Buche Ash has already enjoyed “Cheese of the Month” status (read more here). Brad Parker of Pipe Dreams Fromage knows what he’s doing and is crafting some of the most legit French-style goat cheeses around- multiple crottins have sold before we’ve been able to put them out! These cheeses are a real treat!

Come in and have a taste!!!