In the grand spirit of the 3rd annual American Cheese Month, we are dedicating October to a fleet of fantastic domestic cheeses. Instead of having one Cheese of the Month, we will be highlighting the best our country has to offer just like last year, all at $1 less per pound! That’s right, instead of featuring just one cheese, we’ll have at least 60 American cheeses for you to swoon over (again, all at a dollar off per pound!). For those of you who gotta catch ’em all, that boils down to around 2 cheeses per day, depending on when you’re reading this post…

American Group 1-001

Flory’s Truckle, Pleasant Ridge Reserve, Dante, Keswick Creamery, Estero Gold, Cabot Clothbound, and Alpen Kase batch 58 from Goot Essa

From contemporary classics by Jasper Hill to very small-production local cheeses by Goot Essa, your eyes will be opened to New World Cheese! Bent River Camembert, Tarentaise, Coupole, Pleasant Ridge Reserve, Harbison- our love for these cheeses seems to grow by leaps and bounds every year. The American cheese scene is flourishing as cheesemakers hone their skills and get creative. Come in to taste their accomplishments and experience the diversity of American cheese today!

American Group 2