In some ways Camembert is an unfortunate cheese. A good Camembert is strong- earthy, mushroomy with hints of roasted garlic. But sadly, it shares its name with plenty of bad examples. Many people in the world have had “camembert”, but more often than not they have actually had some poor excuse for a cheese- bland and processed with little to no character.

Camembert 2

But, if you sift through all of the poor, factory-made imitations out there, you will find a cheese that is luscious and full of flavor. Our cheese of the month is a Camembert produced by La Ferme de la Tremblaye, located about one hour’s car ride outside of Paris. All of their cheeses are farmstead, meaning they use only the milk they collect on their own farm, and the milk their animals produce goes directly to the dairy to be made into cheese.

Camembert 1

The result of Tremblaye’s efforts is a Camembert that has a strong, rustic aroma and a thick, pliant paste. Its flavor range is broad- from strong vegetal notes to a subtle hazelnutty finish.  Spread on a baguette or pair (oddly enough) with a good hefeweizen. We are offering whole wheels at the harebrained price of $9 each (usually $12) and halves for $4.50 (from $6).