August’s Cheese of the Month is a French classic from Auvergne, dating back to the 17th century! Supposedly one of Louis XIV’s favorites, St. Nectaire has been know to please many palates. It doesn’t knock your socks off with pungency or zing your tongue with sharpness, but don’t despair, it is certainly a little weird.

st nectaire

St. Nectaire has a washed rind and is initially aged for about 2 months on rye straw mats. It has an uneven bumpy grey-brown-yellow-white rind. Cutting into this rustic 3lb beauty reveals a pliable ivory paste, smooth and elastic, with a few small eyes. On the nose, it’s hazelnuts and green beans, and it tastes like it smells, earthy and vegetal with gentle acidity.  St. Nectaire is satisfyingly rich but not heavy, with a lovely creamy silk texture, making it very snackable. We carry St. Nectaire made with raw milk, aged by Rudolphe Le Meunier. So just relax, enjoy the weather, and let us make picking out your next cheese easy- St. Nectaire! Priced at $19/lb instead of $23/lb for the whole month!! (and maybe a few extra days since this post is a little late.)