As written about in our previous post on May’s Cheese of the Month, we are taking some time to focus our attention on all of the delicious fresh goat cheeses that are starting to appear in our case. Although I am not the most fervent goat cheese lover, there are a few  goat’s milk cheeses that I believe transcend all preferences and tastes to reach a very wide audience. I tried one for the first time recently, and fell in love with it pretty quickly.



This adorable little cheese, called Clochette, is both refined and delicate while still being accessible and well-liked. It’s name derives from it’s shape, which means “little bell” in French. It has a range of flavors, from sweet and grassy to nutty and spicy. What I love most about this cheese is its texture. Clochette at first is dense and cakey and then melts into a rich, creamy texture- the best way I have found to describe it is as “space ice creamy”.  So whether you are traditionally a goat cheese fan or not, I would urge to give Clochette a taste, you will certainly find this “little bell” intriguing!