If you have stopped by The Wine Source in the past few days, you have most likely heard the cheesemonger on duty mooning over the latest in our goat cheese selection. As we have discussed previously, cheeses change in flavor and quality throughout the seasons, and late Spring to mid Autumn is when goat cheeses are at their finest. So to celebrate this time of year, we thought it would only make sense to have a goat’s milk Cheese of the Month.

Buche Ash Logs

Our Cheese of the Month is called Buche Ash, and it is the brainchild of Brad Parker, owner of Pipe Dreams Fromage.  Parker spent time in Limousin, France, watching and learning how to make goat cheese, and was even a shepherd for a period of time. He modeled his own cheese, Buche Ash, after the French classic, Sainte Maure de Touraine.

Buche Ash Close Up

In the spirit of full disclosure, I will admit to you all that I am not actually much of a fan of goat cheeses (much of it has to do with a mold often associated with goat’s milk cheeses called Geotrichum). So the first time I encountered a log of Buche Ash, I was impressed with its appearance, but not necessarily that excited to try it. On the rind were those familiar Geotrichum wrinkles that practically screamed out to me “You will not enjoy this!” But sure enough, once I tried it I fell in love.  Buche Ash is dense & flinty, with spicy, herbaceous flavors.  Fresh & clean, this cheese embodies everything cheesemongers love about this time of year. And to top it all off, Buche Ash is locally made! Be sure to stop in and get a taste of this beauty- we are selling whole logs at the irresponsible price of $13 (originally $16) and half logs at $6.50 (originally $8).