We love sheep’s milk cheese! So sneaky us, we’re starting April with a gateway cheese that will hopefully get everyone as hooked as we are- Nuvola di Pecora. Most sheep’s milk cheeses (Manchego, Pecorino Romano) are aged until firm, but Nuvola is aged thirty days, just long enough to develop a rough bulging rind. The off-white 3-4ish lb block often arrives artfully decorated with gray and near-neon yellow surface molds. Nuvola di Pecora is  made in the Emilia Romagna region of Northern Italy. This “sheep cloud” houses a mild semi-soft ivory paste. It’s somewhat yeasty, with soft vegetal notes, and the sweet tang of sheep’s milk for the finish. Definitely a hit on a cheese plate, Nuvola di Pecora will please those just looking for a soft buttery treat and those with more nuanced palates. This billowy beauty will be going for $21/lb instead of it’s usual $24/lb.