For many, especially those in the US, cheddar has gotten a pretty bad rap. You can find the word “cheddar” on many bland, mass-produced, mediocre cheeses. In reality traditionally made, farmstead cheddars are something of a marvel. They are full-flavored, with a spectrum of incredible textures and a remarkable range of flavors. It makes sense then, that real cheddar has something of a kinship with real cider. Ciders are another traditionally English product that have less than stellar reputations in America and abroad. Nowadays, most of us probably think of “hard cider” as mass-produced, cloyingly sweet drinks available to us only in six-packs. But there are actually many great small producers making some awesome ciders in Europe and America. So it is not surprising that when you get some real cheddars and you pair them with some real ciders, amazing things happen.

Cheddar + Cider

This Saturday, March 30th, we’ll have an in-store tasting to prove that cheddar is not just cheddar and cider is not just cider. We wanted to share this truth with the world (And do some delicious experimenting, of course)! After we tried out some different combos, we found two winners. Cabot Clothbound, March’s famed Cheese of the Month, with Maryland’s own Celebration Cider and Neal’s Yard Hafod, a more piercing Welsh farmstead cheese, with Poiré de Christian Drouin, a delectable French pear cider. Come in this Saturday from 1-4 to try this age-old duo of hearty farmstead staples, and get ready for a sweet, salty, creamy, bubbly spring-break-in-your-mouth.