First, I would like to say Happy Anniversary to us! Our Cheese of the Month program is officially one year old. It has been a great chance for us to highlight and celebrate cheeses we are particularly excited about, and we hope it has been a good opportunity for you to try some new things. With that being said, let’s get right back to it and introduce our newest Cheese of the Month:

Cabot Clothbound

February’s Cheese of the Month, Oma, is aged at Jasper Hill in Vermont. For March, we won’t have to travel very far at all, because Cabot Clothbound is also aged at Jasper Hill. Cabot, which is something of a household name in the American cheese world, was one of the first family farm co-ops in Vermont. The Kempton Family Farm was selected because of the high quality of their milk as the sole producer for Cabot Clothbound. The 34 pound wheels of cow’s milk are wrapped in muslin and aged at Jasper Hill for 10 to 14 months. The result is a cheddar cheese that has a great balance of savory and sweet, with grassy, nutty notes. This cheese certainly raises the bar for American-made cheddar cheeses, and has many awards to prove it! For the month of March we will be offering Cabot Clothbound at the scandalous price of $18 a pound (usually $21).

Cabot Clothbound 2