As cheese nuts and local business supporters, you can imagine how excited we are to sell and support local farms and cheese makers. We have just picked up cheeses from 3 local farms which we hope you will come in and try!

3 Local Cheeses

From left to right- Washed in Victory, Meadow & Hummingbird

Cedar Hill Farm Darlington, MD

Cedar Hill Farm is a farm we worked with for awhile now, and we are always excited to have their products in our store. We have written about their cheese adventures previously and featured their cheese, Meadow, as our Cheese of the Month. Meadow is a raw, organic cow’s milk cheese with notes of clover, grass and a slight tang at the finish.

Doe Run Farm Coatesville, PA

Doe Run Farm, located in Chester County, is home to cows, sheep and goats. They make a variety of interesting and innovative cheeses, and we are currently carrying two of their selection. The first cheese, Hummingbird, is a soft, Robiola-like cheese made from sheep and cow milk. Depending on its age, Hummingbird runs from light, floral & delicate to oozy, pungent & lactic. We are also carrying Bathed in Victory, a raw cow’s milk cheese that gets washed in beers from nearby Victory Brewing Company. Our current wheel is washed in Victory Storm, and is a pungent, yeasty, dense cheese with a bit of sweetness.

Keswick Creamery Newburg, PA

Nestled in the Cumberland Valley and home to a herd of Jersey cows, Keswick Creamery makes a variety of fresh and aged cheese. We will be carrying their Tommenator, which is one of our personal favorites. Washed in Troegenator from Troeg’s Brewing Company, Tommenator is a sweet, malty raw cheese with a pleasant hoppy finish.

We are on our way to expanding our local selection even farther, with new products ranging from charcuterie to chocolate- so stay tuned for updates about our local selection!