von Trapp Oma

Even though it was a sunny 70 degrees just a few days ago, it is officially February, hence time to introduce our new cheese of the month- Oma. And Oma-goodness it’s good! So good that Sebastian and Dan von Trapp of von Trapp Farmstead named it after their grandmother. And yes, they are related to THOSE von Trapps made famous by The Sound of Music. Sebastian and Dan, the third generation of von Trapps to farm the land, were looking for a way to revitalize their grandparents’ farm in Vermont. Their parents had previously turned the farm into an organic milk-production farm, and Sebastian and Dan decided to turn their milk into cheese. The result of their efforts is Oma- a certified organic, raw milk cheese that travels to the Cellars at Jasper Hill where it is brined and aged. Oma is a buttery, indulgent wash-rind, both intriguing and accessible. Earthy with strong notes of roasted peanut, Oma pairs well with everything from sweet fig jam to Belgian-style ales to the peatiest scotch you can find. Usually we offer Oma at the great price of $21/lb, but for the month of February we will be offering Oma for the preposterous price of $18/lb.