Now that the holidays have passed and taken with them the frenetic pace of constant parties, celebrations and get-togethers, it is time to settle in, gather up your favorite cheeses and drinks, and ride out the rest of the long, cold winter. January is the perfect month to bundle up and surround yourself with the comforting flavors and textures of a good, hearty mountain cheese. And if you haven’t heard of our Cheese of the Month for January, you most certainly will want to come in and taste some, and it will probably become one of your new favorites.


Our Cheese of the Month for January is Appenzeller- a raw, cow’s milk cheese made in the north of Switzerland. Aged by Rolf Beeler, Appenzeller is made in large wheels and brined with a secret recipe of wine, herbs and liquers. It has a wonderfully supple texture with a fruity, nutty flavor. Appenzeller is a great melting cheese, but also works wonderfully on a cheese plate, or sliced and paired with salami. Cozy and comforting, Appenzeller is the perfect cheese to warm your soul on a chilly winter’s day. Regularly priced at $24/lb, we are offering this glorious cheese at the ludicrous price of $21/lb.