Well, November seems to have flown by without a Cheese of the Month, for which we greatly apologize! But we won’t let it happen again- and so it is without further ado that we announce the Cheese of the Month for December, a beautiful and unusual cheese that will delight cheese lovers of all kinds.


Introducing… Montenbro! A goat’s milk cheese from Avila, Spain made by Rafael Baez and his daughter, Paloma. This is a single producer cheese, which means if you buy Montenebro (also called Monte Enebro), it is always the cheese made by this Spanish father/daughter team.   Montenebro is made in a flattened log form that is coated in ash and sprayed with penicilium roqueforti, the same mold used to make the famed French cheese, Roquefort. Instead of piercing the cheese and allowing the blue mold to grow within, Baez only allows the blue mold to grow on the rind of the cheese, making Montenebro an utterly unique “goat blue”. With a dimpled rind of mottled grey, brown and black, a luscious creamline, and a paste that is a bright, bone white- this cheese definitely ranks in the top 5 most beautiful cheeses I have ever seen.

Montenebro is complex without being overwhelming. It has a dense, flinty texture and flavor notes ranging from bright and peppery to lactic and walnuty . Tangy without being too blue, peppery without being too goaty- it is an impressive cheese that appeals to a broad range of tastes. For the month of December we will be offering Montenebro at the foolish price of $23/lb (originally $26/lb). Montenebro is a show-stopper, so definitley keep it in mind planning holiday cheese platters.

-Caitlin & Amelia