Dear cheese fans,

I am sorry that we have let 5 whole days pass without announcing our current Cheese of the Month! I’m sure the suspense has left you feeling angry, hot and flustered. Almost like you’ve been left without power in your house in 100 degree heat?  So without further ado, take a gander at our specially selected Cheese of the Month for July:

This is Quadrello di Bufala- an exotic and unusual cheese that has become a definite staff favorite at The Wine Source.

Quadrello is produced by Caseifico Quattro Portoni (link is in Italian), a water buffalo farm & cheese dairy in Northern Italy. Often referred to as a buffalo milk version of Tallegio, this wash rind cheese is distinctive in texture & restrained in flavor. Quadrello is intensely creamy with the mild flavor & slight tang that can be found only in buffalo’s milk.  If you have never tried Quadrello before, be sure to ask for a sample of this delectable cheese next time you are in. We are offering this masterpiece at the preposterous price of $14 a pound (originally $19 a pound). Be sure not to miss out on this great deal!