When I joined the Wine Source team a year and a half ago my goal was to focus on American farmstead cheeses. Over time that vision has gone by the wayside as we drifted into focusing on European selections. Then about 2 weeks ago, I had a dream (an actual dream) that reminded me of the original goal. The next morning, I started obsessing over finding exciting American cheeses to bring into the store. That said, I began the search in our own backyard. Local cheeses sometimes get a bad rap for being…..boring. Luckily for us, great cheese-makers are popping up everywhere these days and these new selections are very interesting.


Hummingbird (Doe Run Dairy, PA):
Winner of a 2011 American Cheese Society award, this mixed milk Robiola style cheese is clean, floral, refreshing and great for the weather we’ve been having.

Buche Ash (Pipe Dreams Fromage, PA): After studying in France, cheesemaker Brad Parker brought his skills stateside and has gone on to make some of the best goat cheese I’ve ever had! Modeled after the classic St. Maure the Buche Ash is flinty in texture with a bright herbaceous flavor.

Piedmont (Everona Dairy, VA):Made with raw milk and following old world traditions, the Piedmont is olivey and nutty with a toothy texture. Sure to delight fans of cheeses like Manchego.

Be sure to come in soon and taste these guys as we are one of the few places in the country to carry them.