For the very first time ever, this Friday the 24th the Wine Source will be hosting a cheesemaker rather than a winemaker. Abigail Connell from Cedar Hill Farms in Darlington, Maryland will be here to chat with cheese lovers and dole out samples of her delicious cheese. Local cheese programs have been steadily growing for the past ten years, and for about 5 or 6 years the Connell family has been making “Meadow”, a tomme style cheese from their farm in northeastern Maryland.   Within the past year they’ve been building a real cheese cave to age their cheeses- this construction will mark itself as the first cheese cave in the state of Maryland! This cave is not some marketing crap. This is a huge hole in a hillside, bored out by dynamite and then transformed into a magic cheese room (Well, maybe not quite that extreme but, whatever that’s what I like to picture).

They’ve been working closely with consultants in the affinuering industry (see: Neal’s Yard) for quite some time and they are almost finished construction. They just need to sell a herd of Heifers, put on the doors and then off to the races.  So…..on the 24th of February stop in between 5-7 and come learn about the making of “Meadow”, how to build a cheese cave, and the trials of being a cheesemaker in these times of Bigger, Faster, Better. Cheesemaker Abigail Connell will be here to answer your questions and provide some tasty cheese samples.